6 Things You Will have to See in Munich

Most people associate the city of Munich with two things: Oktoberfest and the infamous Olympic Games incident. Both of these are accurate associations, albeit one of them is a fairly infamous one. But there are several things to do and discover in Munich. If you?re planning a trip to the main city city of Bavaria, here are six stuff that you must see while there.

1. Marienplatz. What better place to begin than the center of the location? The Marienplatz could be the geographical center of Munich. In medieval times this is how the markets and tournaments came about. Today it will be the home from the Mariensaule, a statue of Mary that was erected to commemorate German independence from Swiss occupation in 1638. The Glockenspiel chimes the hours and entertains visitors with its moving clockwork figurines that depict events from Munich?s history. Spend your time strolling in and out in the shops that line the Marienplatz, or visit a streetside caf? to sample an area dish.

2. Nymphenberg Palace. Built inside the 17th century, this beautiful estate was the main summer residence to the ruling family of Bavaria. It is similar in design and layout to Louis XIV?s Palace of Versailles outside Paris but is less grand. Nymphenberg is one of Munich?s most favored tourist sites, with over 350,000 visitors every year. One can stroll through the gardens in the palace or tour the outer stables and some inner rooms of the estate.

3. Dachau. Although Dachau is a bit of a drive from the location of Munich, it?s definitely worth paying a visit to. Dachau is one of the oldest Nazi concentration camps from World War 2. It was also one with the first being liberated by Allied forces in 1945. Many from the barracks that housed the prisoners are actually torn down, just some remain and therefore are open for website visitors to tour. There can be a dramatic film presentation succumbed the main hall from the camp which includes actual footage from the camps daily operations and liberation. Guard towers, oven chambers, and also the infamous ?Brausbad? chambers are nevertheless standing and can be freely toured.

4. Hofbrauhaus. Munich gets its name through the monks that lived in monasteries nearby. The name comes from the old word ?Munichen? which suggests ?the place in the monk?. These monks were famous for brewing of ales and beer. In fact, soon the monk?s brew became the most sought after beer in all of the of Bavaria as well as the brewing tradition has continued since. One of Munich?s most well-known breweries is the Hofbrauhaus, that has been frequently visited by Hitler when he stopped in Munich. Guests can tour the brewery in addition to sample local brews and purchase beer through the liter.

5. Oktoberfest. If you are going to become in Germany in late September or early October you absolutely must visit Oktoberfest. If you are planning a vacation to Germany but don?t yet know what time of year to go to, plan your vacation to coincide with this festival of festivals. The Oktoberfest is one from the oldest cultural festivals in Europe. Traditionally, Oktoberfest is a huge celebration of Bavarian culture, including oompa bands, local beer, and local fare such as weisswurst, steckerlfisch, and obatzda. By far the most important part with the festival could be the beer tents, that happen to be set up by the many German brewing businesses that sponsor the event.

6. Allianz Arena. The one thing that Germans love just as much as their beer is football. FC Bayern Munchen will be the local team of Munich. The team employed to play at the previous Olympic stadium, but recently Allianz Arena was built being a new home for that team. FC Bayern competes within the Bundesliga and is just one of Germany?s most successful football franchises. If you are a sports fan of any kind, nothing rivals the atmosphere of an FC Bayern home match at Allianz Arena. Maybe you can join inside the crowd?s enthusiastic cheer of ?Stern des Sudens!?

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